Welcome to Tela Brasileira

The networking place for people and companies working in the Brazilian screen industries, tv and film.

Tela Brasileira is No. 1 film and tv job website in Brazil. It operates in the same way as our USA partner site www.media-match.com to provide a unique, free and super fast method for production companies to locate experienced and talented crews.
Please feel free to join our free service should you be looking for crews in Brazil.

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Information for Company Members

  1. How can Tela Brasileira help you?

    • If you are a producer or production company looking for top level, english-speaking, Brazilian or Brazil-based freelance professionals to work on your production in or out of Brazil, we can help you.

      Tela Brasileira is run by an Anglo/Brazilian team from an office in Rio de Janeiro. Any problems you have using the site simply call us on (00 55) 21 3204 2501 in Brazil or at contato@telabrasileira.com.br and we will be more than happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for. All our team speak English

  2. I want to use the site but I don't understand Portuguese

    • Not to worry. Just send us an email at contato@telabrasileira.com.br telling us exactly what you are looking for and we will do all the rest for you. If you want to register your company and use the system directly please read on.
  3. How much is the service?

    • Completely Free!
  4. How do I register?

    • If you are already registered as a company on any of our other Media-Match sites anywhere in the world, simply login with the same email and password combination. (you don't need to creates a new account).
    • If you are not already registered elsewhere as a company, you can fill in a simple online registration form by clicking on the link "Cadastrar" in the side box marked "EMPREGADORES" on the right hand side of either this page or on our home page . The fields to be filled are shown in the image below:
      - Nome da Empresa (Company name)
      - CNPJ (You will need to contact us first via email contato@telabrasileira.com.br and we will give you a code to put into the field "CNPJ".)
      - Nome (Firstname) and Sobrenome (Lastname)
      - Email (Company email)
      - Telefone
      - Website
      - Crie uma Senha (password - create a password with at least 6 characters)

    • Confirm your e-mail address - when you register you will be sent an instant e-mail link. Clicking it will give you immediate access.
  5. How do I advertise a vacancy?

    • Log in, and click on the "Administrar Vagas" (Manage Jobs) in the menu bar at the top and then on the button "Anunciar uma Vaga " ( "Post a Job") link.
    • Type in the job details, and click the button "Prever" (Preview) if you wish to first preview all the details. If all is well, click the button "Clique para ativar sua vaga" ("Post Job").
      Useful translations:
      Função = Jobtype; Duração = Duration; Manter nome confidencial = Keep company name hidden; Logotipo = Logo; Enviar email quando vaga foi ativada = send email when job activated; Methodos de Solicitação = How to receive applications

      Please try to be as specific as you can about the job requirements (e.g. location, experience needed, start date) to ensure you get the type of responses you are looking for.
    • You can always be contacted through the site, but your contact details are not visible unless you choose to be part of the Diretório de Empresas (Company Directory).
  6. How do I receive/manage my applications?

    • You can choose how you would like to receive applications (e.g. email (covered), mail, website, fax or telephone).
    • You can view applicants' profiles directly through the site and contact them individually or as a group.
  7. How do I search for industry professionals?

    • Click "Administrar Vagas" in the top menu and then the yellow button "Pesquisar o Diretório de Freelancers e Profissionais".

      Use the cross-referenced, targeted search facility to find the right people to fill your vacancies.
    • Use the drop down boxes to select your requirements (for example look for a producer, based in Rio de Janeiro, who has worked on a documentary with a specialism of science)
  8. How do I view the professional's profiles?

    • When you are viewing profiles use the << >> buttons at the top of each freelancer's profile rather than your browser back and forward buttons to move back and forth between the profiles.
  9. How do I remove my Job Ads?

    • Log in and click on "Administrar Vagas".
    • Select the relevant entry, and then select "Arquivar vaga" ("Archive job").

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